Category of Membership

Members of “Panya Indra project”, whom entitled to exploit Panya Indra’s 27 holes golf course and Panya Indra Sport Center, are categorized into 3 groups as follows

1. Honorary Member is member who considered honorably and socially eulogized by public that we     offer a privilege to be part of our member.
2. Juristic Member
2.1 Juristic persons are able to specify its either staff or employee to assure the usage not o3           persons which those staffs or employees do not possess the right of transference of           membership.
2.2 To specify any person for utilizing privileges can be altered at any time with written          authorization of such juristic person and to send back member card with payment.
3. Regular Membership Person who holds a permanent regular membership, their spouse and kids     whose age under 21 years old shall receive the same incentives and advantages as regular     member. Moreover, this right can be transcended.

Transference of Membership

1. Honorary membership is exclusively for individual according to the expired date show on member     card and unable to transfer.
2. Member can transfer the rights of juristic member and regular member can be transferred via     submitting the transference need according to the following rules
2.1 Attach following required documents
– Golf membership transference form
– Transferor’s membership document
– Transferor’s member card
– Completed filling in application form and signed by transferee
– A copy of identity card, a copy of census record, a copy of passport of both transferor and          transferee
– 3 of 1.5 inches transferee’s photo
2.2 Both transferor and transferee must sign in the membership transference form
2.3 Make the payment for transference fee

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