G R E E N   F E E   1 , 4 0 0   T H B
A F T E R   1 1 : 0 0   A . M .
S U N D A Y   S P E C I A L
G R E E N   F E E   2 , 0 0 0   T H B
A F T E R   1 1 : 0 0   A . M .
S A T U R D A Y   S P E C I A L

Night Golf
Night Golf and Special offers able to advance reservation at( Online Booking ) and get the special price

  • Green Fee 1,400 ฿ ( Online Booking 1,300 ฿ )
  • Tuesday – Friday, T-off  15.04 – 18.32

Saturday Special

  •  After  11:00 A.M. Green Fee 2,000 ฿ ( Online Booking 2,000 ฿ )

Sunday Special

  • After 11:00 A.M.  Green Fee 1,400 ฿  ( Online Booking 1,300 ฿ )

Online Booking Terms & Conditions

  1.  No refunds under any condition (except under clause 4)
  2.  A printout copy of the booking confirmation sent via email is required by Reception staff upon arrival (30 minutes before your tee-time). In the event that a golfer with a booked tee-time does not arrive to register at the Reception 30 minutes before the booked tee-time, the club reserves the right to cancel the booking.
  3. If a tee-time was booked with a privilege or member card, the card must be valid on the day of the tee-time booking. If expired, the club reserves the right to cancel the booking.
  4. The club reserves the right to transfer or refund confirmed tee-time bookings within 10 days notice in the case of tournaments &/or any other emergency circumstance.
  5. Changing Tee-Time Term & Conditions
    5.1 Confirmed tee-times may be changed one (1) time based on course availability & can only be done 7 days before the original tee-time.
    5.2 Confirmed tee-times may be postponed by up to 1 month (30 days) or made earlier by up to 1 week (7 days) from the original tee-time.
    5.3 Changing confirmed tee-times to different dates are subject to the same weekday/weekend periods and/or same pricing period as stated by the club.
    5.4 The amount and/or types of confirmed golfers within confirmed tee-times cannot be changed.
    5.5 The change is confirmed completely when the change information is appeared in Tee time schedule.
  6. A group of 6 must use a 1,000 Baht/per Buggy which allows entering the fairway.